Friday, January 11, 2008

Can the US Become Energy Independent? Denmark Did

Middelgrunden off-shore wind farm (Photo: René Seindal [Flickr])

In 1973, Denmark was 99 percent dependent on foreign oil. The '73 oil embargo pushed the Dutch to make a profound comittment to change. The result: Denmark is now energy independent, and in fact, exports electricity to neighboring European countries.

Some highlights of their efforts:
  • Wind supplies 21 percent of their energy
  • They now export wind technology, making 20,000 jobs for a country with half the population of the state of Maine
  • Cars are taxed at 105% of the cost of the vehicle
  • The government put up $1 billion to develop and integrate solar, tidal and fuel-cell technology

My original source is a email, but see this Fox News report on the Dutch.

Necessity mothered Danish energy indepenence, the same necessity is coming for the United States.